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when will I receive my royalty check?

Royalties are paid quarterly on February 15, May 15, August 15 & November 15 each year. The payment dates are 45 days after the end of the calendar quarter for which the payment covers. 

can I choose specific countries from which I would like help in collecting my mechanical and performance royalties?

We can collect your royalties in all major territories throughout the world. It’s also possible to structure a deal to exclude or include any countries of your choice. For example, if you have a hit in Germany, we can structure the deal to include only the German territory and we’ll collect directly from the German society, GEMA. You can specify in which countries you want us to represent you. 

how much does it cost to use your services?

Our administration fees are deducted from your royalty statements, so you typically don’t have to pay up front out-of-pocket expenses. Each client is unique, and each agreement is catered to the needs of the particular client.  The fee structure depends largely on size of the catalog, territories and rights controlled, historical earnings as well as other factors.

how do you decide on the amount of the administration fee?

We do a thorough evaluation of your catalogue. We analyze number of active works in your catalogue, revenue history, estimated future revenues, size of the territory, number of licenses issued, amount of work to re-direct your revenues and register titles around the world. 

is the administration fee different for various territories?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. Every deal is customized based on the catalogue of the client. We are open to negotiations. 

why should I consider using your services instead of finding a sub publisher in each country?

There are many reasons. You’ll receive your royalties 6 – 12 months faster than any other collection or administration arrangement you can find. We collect directly from the mechanical & performing rights societies in most major territories, thereby not using a “middle man” and maximizing your revenues. Your royalties go directly from a society to us and not via another society or third party. We also account quarterly rather than semi-annually, so you do not have to wait to receive your money as long as you may have to wait with other administration companies.

do you have offices in the countries where you have direct affiliation with societies?

No, it’s not necessary. We do all administration out of our main office in Nashville. We deal directly with each society, and as a member they treat us just as a local publisher in their respective country.

how do you collect in countries where you don't have direct affiliation with a society?

In countries where we do not yet have a direct affiliation to the society, we use sub-publishers. We have selected the best local publisher in those territories, and the fee we pay them is the lowest possible fee. 

how do you register the songs with the societies?

We register songs as if we are a local publisher in each country. We use the registration process required by each society, which in most cases is CWR (common works registration).

how can you audit a foreign society?

No publisher can do a financial audit of a society. We can, however, audit the database that contains your song information. We visit societies regularly to make sure the registrations we have submitted have been entered correctly. In several territories, we are able to access the society database directly online. This means that we can conduct desktop audits on certain foreign societies from our office in Nashville. This is very important because if the registration information for your share of the song is incorrect, then no royalties are distributed for your share.

how do you handle a counterclaim?

Each society varies in its procedure for processing and resolving counterclaims. We closely adhere to and follow these procedures in order to bring about a quick resolution to counterclaims. In most cases we provide supporting documentation to the society, who acts as a mediator. If a society does not mediate, then we have to resolve the counterclaim directly with counter claimant publisher. Once a resolution is reached, we then notify the society of the resolution. 

do you offer any creative services such as pitching for local covers or synchronization placements?

Our vast creative networks do provide us with opportunities to pitch for local covers and synchronization placements. However, our primary focus in the area of creative services is to provide our administration clients with synchronization pitching on a non-exclusive basis. We certainly have the resources to pitch for local covers. However, because the markets and possibilities for local covers are decreasing fast, we are much more selective in providing this service.   

what if an artist in Sweden (or any other country) wants to record one of my songs with local lyrics?

We will conduct the clearance process from our office in Nashville. The artist or producer will have to contact STIM, which is the performing rights society in Stockholm, Sweden, and they will refer that artist or producer to Bluewater Music Scandinavia. We then contact the original publisher for clearance and register the song with the local lyricist as a participant only for that version. This is the procedure for every country. 

what does your domestic administration services encompass?

 We issue all licenses for the use of your compositions, register your titles with the PRO’s (ASCAP, BMI or SESAC), register PA/eCO forms with the copyright office upon request, negotiate synchronization uses and fees, and collect all royalties directly from the source (e.g. the MLC, record labels, PRO’s, production companies, music supervisors, as well as all other digital and social networking platforms) In addition, we conduct a very thorough, multi-tiered review process on all royalty source document statements processed and all client royalty statements generated each quarter. We are a full-service publishing administration company. 

do you perform any audit services?

YES – we audit song registrations on a regular basis across all royalty sources.  Our direct, at-source affiliations allow us to access and audit society databases.  Additionally, we are constantly auditing the MLC database to ensure proper registrations and matches to ISRC codes for proper payment of digital streaming royalties.

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